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Taxonomy +

Bridging classic taxonomy with modern ecology. Not only classifying and describing diveristy, but asking why we have it, and why we sometimes don't...


Courtship, conflicts and co-operations, you name it. When the sexes interact it's got to be interesting!

Biogeography & Conservation

Why are some species more widespread than others? How and did they get to where they are? Will they survive ongoing climate changes?

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Taxonomy of Mycalesina

Many shades of brown

Curatorial work

Digging in the archives


Estimating future trends & Building local capacity

Male Genitalia

Shapes & functions

Developmental bias

Influencing evolutionary outcomes


Gain and loss of traits


Collecting & Monitoring

Sex Pheromones

Rapid evolution

Phenotypic plasticity

Dealing with seasonality


  • 2002-2007

    PhD at Lund University

    I started my research career at Lund University in Sweden studying the migration ecology of Red Admirals.

  • 2008

    Getting my boots properly dirty

    After a first visit to Nigeria in 2005 I was determined to get more African field experience. 2008 was largely spent conducting intensive fieldwork for future projects.

  • 2009-2010

    Leiden University

    Supported by a Wenner-Gren Foundation post-doc grant I made use of my African experience in Paul Brakefield's lab focussing on pheromone evolution in Bicyclus butterflies.

  • 2011-2019

    University of Cambridge

    Working in the Radiating Butterflies lab in Cambridge I expanded my research on the Bicyclus system to the larger subtribe Mycalesina.

  • 2019-

    University of Glasgow

    Currently working as a Lecturer of Animal Biology at the University of Glasgow.


Peer-reviewed Publications

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Halali, S., Halali, D., Barlow, H.S., Molleman, F., Kodandaramaiah, U., Brakefield, P.M. & Brattström, O. 2021. Predictability of temporal variation in climate and the evolution of seasonal polyphenism in tropical butterfly communities. Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 34: 1362–1375. PDF PDF

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Other Publications

Brattström, O. 2010. Butterflies at Sapo National Park. Report for Liberia Forestry Development Authority and FFI International. PDF

Brattström, O. 2010. Butterflies of Yankari. Report for APLORI/Bauchi State Nigeria. PDF

Brattström, O. 2009. Butterflies at Afi Mountains Wildlife Sanctuary. Report for Cross River State Forestry Commission. PDF

Brattström, O. 2009. Butterflies in Ologbo Forest. Report for Presco Plc, Nigeria. PDF

Brattström, O. 2008. Results from a butterfly survey around Bashu, Southern Okwangwo Division of Cross River National Park, Nigeria. Report for Cross River State Forestry Commission. PDF

Brattström, O. 2007. Ecology of red admiral migration. Doctoral thesis, Lund University, Sweden. (ISBN: 978-91-7105-259-9). PDF


Nigerian Butterflies – Free Electronic Field Guides

Nigerian Butterflies is a new series of electronic field guides for mobile phones and tablets, aimed at amateurs and experienced naturalists alike. The guides are free to download and use, but please do not re-distribute them yourself, instead ask other interested users to download them directly from this webpage. That way I can make sure everyone get the latest version. If downloading a guide for the first time please send an email to to join the mailing list and get notifed of updates and future releases.

If you have not used the guides before, start by downloading the User Guide & Information PDF

1 - Family Papilionidae (Swallowtails & Swordtails) | 2020-December-02 (version 1.0)

PDF (Recommended format!) PDF (Desktop friendly)PDF (Version history)

2 - Family Pieridae (Whites & Sulphurs) | 2022-December-20 (version 1.2)

PDF (Recommended format!) PDF (Desktop friendly)PDF (Version history)

3.1 - Family Lycaenidae – Tribe Lycaenesthini (Ciliate Blues) | 2021-July-22 (version 1.0)

PDF (Recommended format!) PDF (Desktop friendly)PDF (Version history)

3.2 - Family Lycaenidae – Tribe Polyommatini (Weak Blues) | 2021-January-10 (version 1.0)

PDF (Recommended format!) PDF (Desktop friendly)PDF (Version history)

4 - Family Nymphalidae – Subfamily Nymphalinae (True Nymphalids) | 2021-February-02 (version 1.0)

PDF (Recommended format!) PDF (Desktop friendly)PDF (Version history)

Other resources

Bicyclus anynana - image pack: High resolution photos of the dry and wet season morphs of Bicyclus anynana. Primarily aimed for scientific presentations, papers and press releases. These images are freely available for non-commercial use. For ANY other use you must first contact me for approval! Details about the photographs and how to properly acknowledge the photographers are provided in the pack.

Amurum Butterflies - Field guide: This field guide was developed to be used by students at A.P. Leventis Ornithological Research Institute (APLORI) and therefore covers only those species known to occur in Amurum Forest Reserve (located next to APLORI). It can still be used as a first ID guide for someone interested in Nigerian savannah butterflies in general. PDF

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